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Welcome to SocialFD, a 501 c3 Non Profit social media agency for fire departments. We specialize in providing a social media platform that engages communities, promotes fire safety, and builds strong relationships between fire departments and the people they serve. With our cutting-edge tools and strategies, we help fire departments connect with their audiences in meaningful ways that drives results. Whether you’re looking to establish a social media presence or take your community engagement to the next level, SocialFD is here to help.

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Every Post Counts.

In order to engage with their community, Volunteer Fire Departments need to consistently post on social media. We assist them with this and provide a Social Media Calendar

Helping Fire Departments Communicate.

By engaging the community with social media campaigns, they are able to communicate life saving information and awareness.

  • 27,190 Fire Departments in the U.S.

  • 70% are volunteer.

  • 108K Towns and Cities being protected.

Providing tools that ignites communication

Social media has become an essential tool for fire departments to communicate with their communities and promote fire safety. However, managing social media channels can be time-consuming and challenging, especially for busy fire departments.

That’s where SocialFD comes in. SocialFD is a social media agency that specializes in helping fire departments manage their social media channels and create effective social media campaigns. With SocialFD, fire departments can achieve greater reach, engagement, and impact.


Community Support

Sharing Fundraising and Event Information Increases Community Support



Posting Recruitment Information Gets your Message In Front Of Possible Volunteers


Community Relations

Sharing Behind The Scenes and Community Events Improves Community Relations

Consistent Social Media Posting

Increases engagement with your community


Fire Safety and Prevention Tips


Community Events and Fundraising


Trainings and Behind the Scenes

How Social FD Can Help

We provide social media posting tools to Volunteer Fire Departments that allows them to schedule out their posts.

We create and schedule posts for Volunteer Fire Departments using graphics we create that promotes fire safety and education.

We work with Volunteer Fire Departments to increase engagement with their community online.

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